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GLISS Concentrate 24 10 05

Range of Application:
Sheet fed printing:
To improve sheet travel in feeders, to lubricate squeaking machine parts, to prevent ink build up on impression cylinders.

Web offset printing:
To improve paper travel over formers and folders, to reduce ink caking on turner bars, formers, cooling rollers and other guide parts.

Newspaper printing:
For applying to blankets to ensure start-up without problems after longer machine stops. After application of GLISS Concentrate the web will be easily released without pulling fibers or sticking to the blanket.

Converting machines:
Folding machines, gatherers, book manufacturing flow lines, folding box gluers. To improve paper travel, to lubricate squeaky machine parts, to reduce marking of printed products which have been inadequately dried or lack rub resistance. Simply apply or spray onto rollers, guide plates, drive belts.

After cleaning, apply plenty of GLISS Concentrate with a cloth onto the blanket or the respective machine part or spray it on with a spray can.


- Does not attack rollers nor blankets
- No additional environmental pollution

Cans of 10 l and 25 l

also available in:
Hand spray cans (order no. 2401-005-03) with 450 ml active substance
Aerosol spray cans (order no. 2401-001-03) with 300 ml active substance; compressed air (see "Öko Spray Additives")

The specifications given in this brochure are based on laboratory tests and practical experience. All specifications are to the best of our knowledge and reflect the latest state of the art, however, this does not imply any liability.

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