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Aquadot® Hardening Agent 25 00 10

...the last detail for offset process water treatment

We recommend the use of Aquadot® Hardening Agent 25 00 10 in order to adjust water from RO units to an optimal quality for printing.

By adding 0.5 % Aquadot®, RO water is adjusted to an ideal total hardness of 8° dH. The result is a conductivity of around 300 µS/cm at 20°C which allows an exact dosage control at any time.

Cans of 25 kg
Drums of 130 and 220 kg
Containers of 600 and 1000 kg

The specifications given in this brochure are based on laboratory tests and practical experience. All specifications are to the best of our knowledge and reflect the latest state of the art, however, this does not imply any liability.

31 January 2008 - cw/lh
Calibration diagram for Aqudot® Hardening Agent
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