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Capatch Volume Test Strips "light blue"

for determining the water transport volume of Anilox, Rotogravure and Coating Screen Rollers (Chamber Knife Systems)
- for rollers with many lines and for "sensitive" rollers in general -

For testing the actual water scoop volume (g/m²) of screen rollers.

Prevents production losses.

After cleaning of the screen roller the water scoop volume (g/m²) can be verified with the help of the Volume Test Strips.

5 to 25 cm³/m² and 3 to 15 BCM/inch²
(Units of BCM/inch² are used in the USA while cm³/m² are used in the rest of the world.)

For rollers with fewer lines or without "sensitive" surface we recommend to use Capatch Volume Test Strips "dark blue".

With time, caked-on coating particles and other impurities can concentrate in the cells of the rollers.

This may lead to a reduced amount of coating application as well as to reduced gloss and insufficient rub resistance.

With these Volume Test Strips it is possible to determine the actual water scoop volume (g/m²) of screen rollers and consequently the wet application amount of the coating.

For cleaning of anilox and screen rollers we recommend to use
VEGRA Special Cleaning Agent for Screen Rollers VP 9735 or
VOC-free VEGRA Cleaner for Screen Rollers 220 600 GREEN

The combination of Volume Test Strips and VP 9735 or 220 600 GREEN allows to determine within a very short time whether your screen roller still possesses its full volume or whether the full capacity should be restored in a simple and quick way by cleaning with VP 9735 or 220 600 GREEN and subsequent measuring with the Volume Test Strips.

Please take note of the Instructions for the use of Volume Test Strips.

Boxes with 24 strips

The specifications given in this brochure are based on laboratory tests and practical experience. All specifications are to the best of our knowledge and reflect the latest state of the art, however, this does not imply any liability.

13 December 2006 - 001/lh
Volume Test Strips for Anilox and Coating Screen Rollers
Instructions for Use
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