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Ink Grabber

The Ink Grabber is a simple nylon mesh bag filled with a special absorbent material which will soak up and remove emulsified ink from the fountain solution circuit. The fountain solution remains clean and maintains its effectiveness longer. The cleaning intervals are enormously reduced.

In use, the Ink Grabber floats on the surface of the fountain solution and picks up floating and suspended ink. Simply place the Ink Grabber into your circulating tank reservoir, and watch it work!

When it becomes saturated, remove it and let it dry out to minimize the weight, then, dispose of it.

Advantages of the Ink Grabber:
- picks up to 25 times its weight of ink, even when saturated it will not sink

- works with most inks, even the new soy or vegetable based inks

- reduces periodic dampening system maintenance by keeping tank and rollers clean

- minimizes hazardous waste disposal costs associated with ink contaminated fountain solution

- does not absorb gum, salts or other components of fountain solution additives, so that the composition of the fountain solution is not altered

- helps maintain ink-water balance by stopping suspended ink from migrating throughout the dampening system to the plate

Carton with 25 pieces

The specifications given in this brochure are based on laboratory tests and practical experience. All specifications are to the best of our knowledge and reflect the latest state of the art, however, this does not imply any liability.

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